University City: 314-727-6323 | O'Fallon: 636-240-6858

Dental Services
A Personal Touch!
Now serving two locations in O’Fallon & University City
providing comprehensive dental care for the entire family.

Experienced Dentist & The Latest Technology
Modern dental services with a personal touch
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Welcome to Best Care Dental

Now Serving O’Fallon & University City, Missouri

Dr. Maryana Kirolos and her caring staff will keep your smiles bright and healthy! Providing comprehensive dental care for the entire family. Whether you need an annual dental exam, dentures, braces, periodontal care or you have a toothache, depend on our experienced team for personal and professional dental care for all ages.

New patients and most insurance plans are accepted. Walk-ins are welcome. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

At Best Care Dental, we are your full-service solution for dental care. As a general dentist, we provide a full range of cosmetic, pediatric, preventative and restorative dentistry services.

From dental exams, x-rays, and fillings, our dental staff is committed to providing the quality dental care services you need and deserve.


We strive to make your dental experience a comfortable and easy one while maintaining your oral and overall health. Ask us about Six Month Smiles® Clear Braces!

Our Services

CEREC Same Day CrownCosmetic DentistryPediatric & General DentistryPreventive DentistryRestorative DentistryBracesDentures & CrownsTeeth WhiteningCavity DetectionClear Cosmetic Braces (6 Month Smile)Clear-Aligners (MTM)Inlays & OnlaysImplant Crowns & Restoration

Modern Dental Services With a Personal Touch!

Providing one of the best dental experiences in O’Fallon & University City

Convenient Evening Hours

Most Insurances Accepted

Same Day Emergency Treatment

Same Day CEREC Crown

6 Months Smiles

(Clear cosmetic Braces For Adults)

Cosmetic Dentistry

What Patients Say About Us

Having dental anxiety from previous traumatic experiences, I was extremely hesitant to have a crown fixed after avoiding the dentist for 7 years. At Best Care Dental, my anxiety had become non-existent. My crown prep was pain-free including the anesthetic injection.

I left with my crown that very same appointment. The technology they possess is very advanced. Best Care Dental saved my teeth and helped me overcome my biggest fear!

Johanna W.

I would recommend this office for all dental procedures. I am 67 years old and had the (9-month smile) done. I was very pleased with the outcome. The staff was very nice and was always willing to work me in when one of my brackets needed attention.

Sharon Smythe

Great service. Very nice staff. Wonderful technology used with crown service. Anyone needing dental work should come here.

Frank Mlinarec

Just had an old crown replaced. Dr. Kirolos used a new mouth piece called a Dry Shield. In addition to it holding your mouth open, it totally shields the tongue. While I find no dentist visit totally comfortable, the use of the Dry Shield certainly helped to make the experience less stressful.

Mary Herl

Great dentist and staff. Very friendly and efficient. I do not fight coming to the dentist anymore and will recommend to my friends and family.

Patrick Burns

Best dental office I have ever been to! Dr. Kirolos and her staff are very patient, caring, and do excellent work. Dr. Kirolos is very passionate about her work. She goes into great detail when explaining what she is doing or what work may need to be done. I go to her myself along with my two children. Highly recommended!

Brittany Thaller

I started coming here is December of 2016. I had an infection under my root canal, and they were able to get me in right away. Dr. Kirolos and Donna are super nice as is the rest of the staff.

I came back for follow-up and she mentioned 6 Months Smiles to get my teeth straighter. My front teeth were turned in, I have a cross bite and needed lower teeth to come in more. I decided to go ahead with the braces. Most of my co-workers couldn’t even tell I had braces on. I am very excited and can’t wait to see what it will be like when they are all done. I highly recommend Best Care Dental and their wonderful staff.

Misty Mitchell-Guille

Best Care Dental is a wonderful place to get all your dental needs done. The staff is friendly, diligent and really explains the care you need for your teeth. I had an appointment to have my crown replaced, it was done the SAME DAY in a timely manner. I’m very pleased with their service! 😁

Keisha Sanchez

I was looking for a good place to have my dental health taken care of…but I found a great place! Awesome staff and was treated very kindly and very comfortable as a new patient. Will highly recommend this office and dentist!

Sandra Teson

I had to have two crowns replaced and they were both done on the same day. I didn’t have to deal with temporaries and return for permanents in a few weeks. Dr Kirolos is the best. She explained to me in detail what to expect, and I experienced no pain.

Pat Bremerkamp

Very pleasant! I didn’t even feel the filling going in with no anesthetic. All the assistants were so kind. I’ve been going here for a few years now.

Kathy Lewis

Had a wonderful experience, all of the staff was so pleasant. Dr. Kirolos was very nice and informative, gave me all of my treatment options and her recommendations. Costs were gone over with me in advance and I was shown different payment options. I think this office treats customers excellent and their work flow is very efficient!

Paul Engleman